Reviewing my insurance coverages, since my mini van has reached the age of 13, I am contemplating whether I still need certain coverages.  Plus, USAA offers senior discounts along with their other discounts?


@ChieChie, we are here to help anyway we can with a review of your policy and make sure you have the needed coverage. Even when a vehicle is paid off or 13 years old there can be situations where you might want to keep certain coverages such as if you were to borrow or rent a vehicle. To provide more details on how we can proceed with the review if you could please send a Private Message (PM) so that we may assist you further, please turn on the private messaging feature. To do this, please click on your user ID in member community.  click on settings > preferences > private messenger > click on the box that says, "turn on private messages."  This will allow us to communicate and keep your information private. ~ Joseph