Just inquiring if I am eligible for USAA insurance. My daughter is a veteran. She was in the Navy and also has USAA insurance.



Good morning @Roy49, thank you for reaching out to us regarding USAA's eligibility for insurance.  Eligibility is extended to those military members who are currently serving and to those who have retired or separated from the U.S. military with a discharge type of Honorable.  Once membership is established by the eligible military member, they are able to pass membership down to their spouse and children.  We do offer some USAA products and services that are open to non-members, which include investments, life insurance as well as additional insurance options from our Agency.  For more information, please visit and click on link "JOIN USAA" or you may call our New Member Team at 210-531-8722.  We want to thank your daughter for her military service in the Navy and appreciate her in trusting USAA with her financial needs.  ~ Marco