To stay or not.. been with USAA for over 10 years and have had no real complaints with moving over seas and stateside insurance and banking but auto insurance is outrageous to date. I keep asking why USAA is so high when other companies offer same coverage for 3/4 less in payments. We are looking to add our son who just received his license and we are to pay the same as we pay now in 6 month premiums.

we pay out 950 for every 6 months, 1800 year, now adding him would add another 900 on top, 3600 year premium. Understanding that owning a home ups the policy and a teenage driver but others offer same high policy with half of what we would pay now. Thought USAA is to benefit its military! With all the discounts they offer still doesn’t lower premiums. No claims, great credit, 2 cars, 1 paid off threw USAA. It’s just what they charge for coverage is outrageous. Been checking around to change insurance no real other options to stay above water.


Hi @ares2ea, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We know that adding a young driver can cause a premium to change, and we are here to assist you in anyway that we can. If you have not had a chance to review your auto policy, I do recommend to take the time to do a review, to ensure all things are current and up to date. This includes annual mileage and coverages, which do have an impact on your premium. Also, take a look at Discounts and Savings, there may be some available for you! You can also contact us directly at 1-800-531-8722 and a representative can take a look as well. Thank you! -Marisa



First, I do not think this message board will last long.


Second, I also trusted USAA for over a decade and paid their high premiums while not thinking twice.  My investigating began several months ago before I moved and was shopping interest rates.  I understand they are in the business of sales/finance but while calling around to different lenders I heard every story in the book.  The greatest was that VA home loan rates are federally regulated (not from USAA) and there is a standard rate.  To my surprise I was able to successfully secure a 30 year  VA home loan for 3.75 vs the other quotes of about ~4.6.  I called USAA back to give them the opportunity to match his and was given a FUD speech of how the lender offering this rate was some hodgepodge company and I likely would not close on time, the loan would be sold (my previous loan with USAA was sold-who DOESNT sell them anymore?) and etcetera.  I took the gamble and saved about 40k over the life of the loan and a few thousand on closing costs.  Since then I have gladly took my auto and then homeowners policies elsewhere.  While venturing down a seemingly unrelated rabbit hole I stumbled on a letter to shareholders from Warren Buffet.  (If you havent visited his website - you should. Well Berkshire Hathaway's anyways.) Anyway, I switched to the green fella and saved $800/year on 3 car policy, 2 of which I own and still paying on the 3rd.  Only saved a few hundred on the homeowners but every bit helps.


Thanks for sharing and I hope you chose carefully.