I've been a loyal banking and auto insurance customer with USAA for over 18 years. With the excessive auto insurance rate increases every term I'm having a hard time staying loyal. Granted I have accidents and tickets but apparently there is no discount for continued loyalty to this over priced auto insurance. I have stayed with USAA due to support and reduced rates during deployments and for previous good customer service during accidents. My last customer service experience for a not a fault situation left a bad taste in my mouth. The claims representative was crass and made me feel like a criminal for trying to submit a claim. And I have noticed a steady incline in rates every renewal. Also, as a veteran contractor, I have asked for a garage rate for my one vehicle not being used for 6 months out of the year. The discount was a few dollars at best. I would like to remain a loyal customer; however, I do not feel like my business and almost 20 years of business is valued at all.


@Sukkari, I'm so sorry for the frustration and experience you've had recently with your account. This is not how we want to make you or any of our members feel. I want to confirm I've located your account and have forwarded it to the best team to review further on your behalf.  -Lori G

Shop around.  You can do better than USAA for everything they offer.  USAA under Stuart Parker's leadership has been on a steady decline.  USAA is not the company it once was. 

Been having the same feeling.  Family have been thinking about shopping around for other providers after a hassle regarding umbrella coverage and lack of response.  Now we may have to bring multiple property and auto to another company due to this issue. 

@JMedic Thank you for sharing your concerns. I have escalated this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days. 

Thank you but that would not be necessary.  It was poor call back response before I could start my Umbrella Policy and worse after  when I tried to clarify an issue I was called for by USAA.  Multiple messages were left with the caller over a 3-4 week period until I recieved my cancellation of policy for reasons unkown at that time.