Auto Insurance - Reducing the number of drivers causes rate to go up! Are we looking at significant future higher rates?

Recently I contacted USAA directly regarding removing a driver from the policy and an explanation for the high rate for one of the vehicles.  No matter what change we made the rate increased and the increased rate made no sense for me or the agent assiting me. No explanation could be given.  No points or tickets.  We work from home now and drive significantly less miles.


1.  Attempted to remove 84 yr old Mother who lives with us from the policy.  The rate went up!

2.  Attempted to remove Comp & Collision from an older vehicle and the rate went up!  

3.  Questioned why a rate was so high for one of the vehicles over twice as high as a similiar vehicle.  I was told because the youngest driver on the policy was marked as the secondary driver.  Explained that driver did not drive that vehicle and that they drove a different vehicle that was significantly less.  The agent tried setting the youngest driver on another vehicle and the rate went up!
4.  There is no place to set the secondary driver online with the exception of the Insurance card printout which was correct.  

This makes no sense. I need to make some comparisons to other companies as we are paying way more than what we should.  What is going on at USAA!  Are we spending too much money on a new building then a year later rolling off the investment piece to Charles Schwab?  Was too much spent on Super Bowl commercials targeting a very small market of eligable customers compared to the market of Dorito cusotmers?  Now that makes no sense!


Hello @FMoore, I certainly get your concerns about premiums increasing when removing drivers listed on your policy.  We understand that rates are important to our members when protecting their family and investments.  Not sure what was happening on your policy, but we can help review and see what is taking place with the scenarios you shared above.  Please allow us some time to help review your policy and add our notes to your profile.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please share them with us on here to help address.  ~Marco

Thank you for your patience @FMoore, I was able to further review your concerns as well as notate your profile with my findings.  When you have a moment, please reach out to our specialists via chat or phone to address your concerns further.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us this morning and allowing us to serve your insurance needs.  ~Marco

Shop around.  Every product USAA offers can be beaten.  You must understand that USAA's main focus now is to enrich it's CEO and upper management and instill their political beliefs onto the company.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.