Sadly, like many of you, my insurance rates have consistently increased substantially over the past few years with only a claim for a windshield.  Decided to do some research with other top rated insurance companies and discovered USAA is no longer the best deal like that were back in the day.  For the exact coverage as I had with USAA, the lizard is saving me nearly $600 every six months.  Informed my daughter of this and her six month premium is over $600 less.  Not sure what is going on with USAA these days, but a review of my Homeowner's Policy is next.  


Hello @ Rocking Reno, I'm happy to take a look at your homeowner's policy for you and look for ways to help reduce your premium if possible. I hope that you will continue to check back with us on your auto rates as well. We truly value your membership! ~ Shane

So Shane, for the same home coverage (only difference is $1000 deductible instead of $500) Allstate is $700 a year cheaper, and once I lose my discount for auto/home bundle with USAA, it will be nearly $900 cheaper. 

I can certainly understand the need to have a premium that fits your budget and saves you money. We don't want to lose your business. We're happy to discuss the quote your received and go over your options. Please call us at 800-531-8722 or log in online to and have a secure chat with us by selecting your home policy followed by the Ask USAA button. Thank you! ~ Shane

No USAA employee can override the computer.  It is all about the computer.  The only way for you to lower your cost is to reduce your coverage in various manners.  So yes, your cost will go down, but so will your coverage.  I had 4 vehicles insured with USAA with 1 of the vehicles in storage.  After 40 years with USAA and after the constant rate increases, I shopped arround around and found several companies that were cheaper than USAA.  I went with a company that provided full coverage on all 4 vehicles (ie: 1 vehicle not in storage) for $1,300.00/year cheaper with the same limits and deductibles.  USAA, in its ever desire to grow, has lost focus of their core mission.  The old USAA, that provided great customer service with rates NO ONE could beat is gone.  It has been replaced by a USAA that runs commercials, has brought in 3rd party companies and has had their customer service go down the drain.   

What Insurance did you go with Bigbb? I'm in a similar situation ( as to cars) and looking for full coverage on all. Please let me know the name of the Insurance Co.

Leave USAA and never look back.  USAA is not the company they once were as Stuart Parker has ruined what was once a great company.  Higher rates with customer service that has gone down the drain.

Have to agree with BigBB and others too. My Homeowners premium went up recently $150-$200/per year along with my deductible. While it's somewhat a modest increase compared to what other members have experienced--I'm wondering what my auto premium is going to look like next month. I've had to increase my deductibles to about $1K, remove PIP and other coverages, take safety courses, etc. just to keep my premiums from increasing more than $100 every six months. Yep, I drive very little and USAA knows that already. My three vehicles are 18, 13 and 12 years old. My last claim? 2003 when a golf ball bounced across the highway and hit my door while I was driving on a busy D.C. Beltway--and put a dent in it.  Cost USAA less than $350. They got it back and more for the past 16yrs. I think those discounts they list in the premium renewal notices are just a ploy to try and make people feel good about the so-called great discounts they say they give their members. Like BigBB said, the CSRs can't override the computers. They can only change basic things like mileage, deductibles, remove features, etc. The only way you might save money is to gut your coverages to the point that all you have left is liability with a large deductible. At that point, you're better off taking the time to research other providers.

I have a nearly $6000 a year home/auto policy.  6 years ago it was $3000.  I had one relatively small claim for hail damage to a vehicle, one tow (about 10 miles), one tow I ended up cancelling, and in an effort to reduce my premiums, I increased my deductibles and reduced my coverages (which were at the high end of the spectrum).  All of these things, including the cancelled tow and reducing my coverages/increasing deductibles resulted in a rate HIKE shortly thereafter.  They have doubled the coverage for a home I purchased 6 years ago.  After spending more than an hour at another insurance company comparing apples to apples, not only am I finding insurance elsewhere considerably cheaper, I can get a $500K personal liability policy thrown in to boot.  Been a USAA customer for at least 25 years but that’s about to change.


@Nelle4, I'm sorry for the experience you've had recently with your policy premium and understand your frustration. If we' haven't had a chance to review your policy, we'd love the opportunity to provide a comparison review. If you'll allow it, please select the Contact Us option when looking at your policy summary and then begin a new chat. Together we can review possible options that help meet your immediate needs. We don't want to lose your membership and will exhaust all efforts to help. Thank you for your time.