Auto Insurance Policy Packets missing from My Documents

Here's a new one... Anyone else notice that ALL of the Auto Policy Packets are missing from My Documents?  I went to get a copy of my current policy packet and found that ALL of the Auto Insurance Policy Packets going back to 2015 are missing from My Documents.  I got on chat and was told this is a known problem because the IT department archieved all the Auto Policy Packets.  The chat support person was able to bring back 3 years worth of the documents pretty quickly.  She told me this was a known issue they have been dealing with for a week or so.  When I asked why an annoucement wasn't made about this, I wasn't surprised to hear the IT department communicated anything about this to the members/owners. 


So if you need a copy of your current policy details and endorsements, maybe to have availble while shopping for other insurance proivders, you'll have to contact USAA support to get them to de-archive the copies for you.  It doesn't take long if done on chat, but one more USAA annoyance to deal with.

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