Somebody please explain why I should keep my auto insurance with USAA.  There are so many bad reviews and complaints about the service of claims, that I am afraid I now have the wrong company.  And I checked reviews on other websites and over the last year USAA is only getting one star.  And reading the conversations on here, it does not appear that USAA is doing anything about it.

So maybe I need to go back to State Farm.

Had USAA gone compeletly downhill?


The TripleD, thank you for your post. It is our aim to provide exceptional service to all of our members and we take your concerns seriously. We would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns with your claim. Please call our office 800-531-8722 at your earliest convenience so we may assist you. We look forward to hearing from you. -Paula 

TheTripleD, it is clear that the USAA social service didn't fully read your post. They want the opportunity to review your claim, which isn't what you said. That aside, I have seen the same stories relating to undervaluation and to be honest, I don't know how true it is. I will give both sides a 50/50 split on that, as I see online that customer satisfaction for USAA insurance is generally high. One thing to think about however is how much you are paying, others, such as Geico, have equally great customer service ratings or metrics, I personally priced out with Geico and and I saved over 31% for my premium for the year versus USAA, this is with a lower deductible and rental and roadside added as well, which I did not have with USAA, all over coverages were equal. If it was 10% or minimal, I would stay, but USAA has made it clear to me through phone conversations that not only did my rates need to increase 10% this year, but that another adjustment has already been put in to increase it on my next premium as well. I feel this is to cover themselves for the claims they paid elsewhere in the country and I will not stay with a company that is overcharging me by 30% compared to another company. It's just too much. I personally have never used their claims service, as my wife and I are great drivers, hope this helps a little bit. Sorry for the babbling lol.

It's not just Auto insurane, now USAA is getting greedy with credit card rates and sneaking additional fees into loans. I have been a USAA member since I was in ROTC, and they were fantastic at first. In the last 5 years they have become more and more like the big banks. Constantly looking for ways to make money. USAA started when a group of officers banded together to form their own auto insurance group because it was difficult at that time for military members to get auto insurance due to being considered high risk. USAA has forgot/doesn't care about their roots, and that is why I will NOT be a USAA member for life. Really looking at Navy Federal and other credit unions locally. Hopefully this helps explain why USAA is getting such poor reviews.


Little Guy

@Little Guy, It's concerning to us that you feel this way. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns, your feedback will be reviewed by the appropriate team. Thank you! ~ Lori