Auto Ins Claims run around in Massachuseets

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Hi -

 adding the text back.  This is *my comment* about cars....which, at the moment is "i would think twice about USAA auto insurance".


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Was recently invovled in an accident....and must say the customer service I have received was horrible.


Todays tidbit....

the Estimate document I have says, in no uncertain terms "Re-inspection is mandatory".


When I called the USAA employee listed on the document who is supposed to do the "re inspection"...  he claimed he doesnt do that any more, and USAA hasn't hired anyone to do it...


He said "just go get the car".    


He got very unprofessional when I asked what happens to the QRP warranty (also documented in the repair estimate) when I don't have the mandatory inspection performed..... He tried to tell me there is no warranty (again, its in the document).


I've been a member since 1988.... looks like its time to start shopping around.