We needed a new car because our minivan was hit by another person and totaled.

Our first Auto Curcle experience was poor. The dealership would not show us the car, after we made an appointment to see it. We wasted time and gas going to look at something that wasn't there.

Our next experience was with NivK Motors in Hurst, TX. This time, the car was there, but we were shown the wrong car first. We drove the car and chose to purchase it.

It appears as though there was no 166 point check done on this car. When the seat is close to the steering wheel, it moves. This is a safety issue. 3-days after purchasing it, my daughter was stranded an hour from home. The car would not start. Much time and effort later, we got the car started and the battery replaced. When I called NivK Motirs, they just told me that I purchased the car "as is". True, but where were the checks made by USAA?

4 days after purchase, the check engine light came on. We immediately took it to our mechanic, who told us that this was a light that had been cleared. He could see the date that it had been cleared. He said that once cleared, it would seem as though everything was ok, long enough for a test drive and a few miles, but that the check engine light would come back on. The reason for the light is due to a problem with the catalytic converter, which is at least $600 to repair.

It is most certain that NovK Motors knew about this issue. How did this car pass the USAA testing? There appears to be no guarantee that a car will be mechanically sound or safe, even when purchasing through the Auto Circle. Such a shame, as this service is desperately needed in order for consumers to buy with confidence.


Thank you for providing feedback as it is most important to both myself and my team DisgruntledFamily.  I have all the information I need and will refer your concerns to the appropriate area for further review and follow up.  We strive for you to have great experiences each time you use our services.  Thank you in regards to your membership with USAA, and the time it took for you to report this to us.  Sincerely  -  Justin