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I have been a USAA member for 32 years and have auto, credit card, renter insurance (for the college kids) and personal articles policies with USAA.   I also finance several cars through USAA.That is me in the picture at Ft. Bragg. Unfortunately I have had a problem recently with Auto claims handling.  My daughter was rear-ended and pushed into the car in front of her.  She was not charged by the police, the driver of the last vehicle was charged.  My daughter's car was drivable and had some modest damage on the back and almost imperceptible damage to the front.  We reported the claim to USAA and had the car inspected at a USAA approved body shop. We then rented a car.  That was three weeks ago.  I followed the claim online at USAA Claim Tracker. It showed that the car was repairable and that USAA had issued about $ 5500 in checks to repair the vehicle on April 11, 2019.  We kept waiting for the body shop to tell us the car was ready. I called the USAA adjuster but she never returned my calls. Then, today, they told me the car was totaled and that we would only get the loan pay off amount. I said that the repair shop had issued estimates that showed the car could be repaired for a fraction of the pay off cost. They insisted that the car was a total loss.  On top of that, they also claimed that my daughter was at fault for the collision.  I asked why and they said that she gave them a statement saying that she hit Car 1 before she was hit by Car 3.  My daughter never said that. The police did not charge her.  I asked the adjuster for a copy of my daughter's statement and she said she would send it right away. That hasn't happened. Now, the adjuster's supervisor is telling me that Car 1 claimed that my daughter hit her before my daughter was rear-ended.  I told the supervisor that this was nonsense. The police investigation, the photos and the damage to the three cars clearly shows that Car 3 hit my daughter and drove her into Car 1.  Long and short is that I have deteced a distinct drop off in the quality of claims handling in the past few years. This is disturbing because good claims handling was the primary distinquisher putting USAA ahead of everyone else.  I am curious if other people have seen a drop off.  Fort Bragg.jpg


Very sharp dropoff. I have been victim to USAA auto claim mishandeling. They sounded optimistic and confident in the begining, then comes time for execution and follow through and you are left confused and mislead. I am also witnessing problems with the mortgage department. In general not happy with USAA anymore, customer service went from being one of the best to the worst, in my point of view, very short period of time.  

@About to Jump ship, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. I regret to hear you feel this way as that is definitely not our intention. I have asked a subject matter expert to look into your concerns, and to follow-up with you. Again, I am sorry about your poor experience. Please expect contact within 3-4 business days. Have a good afternoon. -LeKisha

@Former82D, I apologize for the experience you have encountered with your claim. We always want to make the claim process as easy as possible for you. We take your feedback seriously and would like to investigate your situation further. I am asking a business specialist to research your matter. They will contact you this week to discuss your concerns with the claim. Thank you for your long term membership. -LeKisha

Welcome to the "new" USAA run by Stuart Parker.  He needs to resign immediately for what he has done to this company.

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I am curious if other people have seen a drop off. 

3 whole months on and I still have not received a settlement check from USAA after they promised to pay out for a not-at-fault accident. I actually received better service from the at-fault party's insurance when I called for information. USAA sent the lienholder a check in the wrong amount, less than the value of the car according to the CCC One valuation report that they sent me. At the end of the day I ended up paying a few hundred dollars to prevent my "totalled" vehicle from going to collections.


The state is involved now and I've got a lawyer. At the end of the day, USAA is going to bleed money and I won't be left holding the bag. Do yourself a favor and file a complaint with your state department of insurance. Pretty soon states will get sick of hearing about how USAA is taking advantage of its customers (not "members", customers).