What manager, Superintendant, CEO do I talk to when there is an issue with a decision process to determine at fault of an accident?  The process has failed on my side multiple times especially, when it has been a manger telling me there was no one above them, and the decision is final.  I spend hours providing physical math and direction, proof of dents and direction of vehicles; which, each time the other operator has exceeded speed limit for conditions and circumstance.  Each time the speed has been dismissed but lane position has trumped all reasoning, equations, proof of fault.  These are conditions that were out of the normal, but not considered.  I have been a long time member and it apprears that we are not sided, and the belief goes to those who drive wrecklessly. I have spent a lot of money having coverage but the system continues to fail.  For an example, it is like two kids on a school ground at recess, a teacher has their back turned, one boy punches a kid in the nose, as the teacher turns and sees the other boy hitting the other.  The 2nd boy who returned the punch gets sent to the principals office, gets suspended, and has a bad reputation for fighting when he was attempting to defend himself.  Should the boy returned a punch, maybe not, but to get the repricussusions from what the first boy should have received is not fair.  In our situation with two accidents caused by other drivers speeding and not paying attention, they are dismissed from there actions and we have paid the hefty consequences of it.  It is not right and something needs to change as I am frustrated in USAA as it was one point a military family and a more local feeling, now USAA is a huge corporation treating its members like a heard of cattle which in the beginning of my membership I was not treated like this until the last 6 years. What will it take to actually see what really happened in cases like ours, Someone goes to fast for conditions, it should not matter what lane they are in, they should be at fault for they caused the accident. 


@poppapek1 Thank you for sharing your claims concerns. I have escalated this issue to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days.