AF One

I contacted USAA because unfortunately, my windshield on my 2017 Lexus was cracked, due to a flying rock. When I called USAA I was told that windshield replacement is sub-contracted through safelite solutions. I was ok with that & was transferred to open my claim. Long story short, I was scheduled for an appointment on (Mon) 20 Aug for windshield replacement. Also, due to the technology in my vehicle, a calibration would be required and completed at the same safelite repair shop. I arrived for my 1430 appointment. In approx. 2 hours, the replacement was complete. At that time, I was told by the staff, I would have to go to another location to have the vehicle calibrated because they thought the calibration was dynamic, but in fact it's static. Still no problem as the other shop is approx. 15 mins away. As I arrived at the alternate location, the staff was aware and waiting my arrival. After approx. 45 mins of the technician having my vehicle, the tech returns and states the wrong windshield was installed in your vehicle. The aftermarket windshield can not be calibrated. The tech also stated that during safelite meetings, this was a known problem and they were all instructed to only install OEM Lexus windshields. The tech then called the shop in which installed my windshield and asked why was that windshield installed. I was a little frustrated, but I do understand things happen. I was told by the front desk that they were going to order the OEM windshield and give me a call the next day. With the attempted calibration, it set off several alerts in my vehicle (Park assist malfunction, Lane assist malfunction, windshield wipers non-operational etc.) I also began recieving notifications from Lexus that my vehicle is malfunctioning. So now my vehicle is unsafe to drive due to a simple windshield replacement. Now back to safelite rep calling me the next day (NEVER HAPPENED). In fact, I never recieved a call. On Fri 24 Aug, I decided to check the status of my windshield because I haven't been driving my vehicle due to the issues (5 days without my car). From 11:00am - 7:05pm I'm still getting no where with safelite. They waited until everyone had departed for the day to respond back to me. I've been in contact with USAA claims department the entire time and all I get is sorry. For being a loyal USAA member for 20 years (Vehicle insurance, Homeowners, Banking & Brokerage accounts) it's amazing how little USAA goes to resolve matters for their customers. I thought USAA was here to support the military family. I would surely disagree. As soon as I can get my vehicle operational, I will be searching to completely end all business with USAA. (Just got notified I can come in Tuesday 28 Aug to have my windshield replaced) UNACCPETABLE!