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Rather frustrated with USAA claims. Our daughter had an accident a week ago. We had the car towed to a shop. USAA said they would contact the shop for photos and an evaluation.

A week later - nothing. And when I inquired, the claims agent asked (via the message center, so I could not reply) if the car was still at the, yes.

Is it typical for claims to take over a week to get an evaluation (the car is likely totaled). I can only imagine how long the rest of the process will take.

USAA used to take care of its members. It's now just another insurance company.


Hi @AmyFe, We are truly sorry for the delay in getting your vehicle total loss estimate. All signs point to the vehicle being a total loss but, the initial appraisal that was set up was set up incorrectly. I have corrected the appraisal and asked that they urgently send someone out to appraise the vehicle since we are several days behind. Again, our apologies for the delay and I have corrected the assignment so we should have your appraisal shortly. I would recommend contacting the body shop and releasing your vehicle to USAA. Additionally, you want to secure all personal belongings from the vehicle prior to the vehicle being moved to a USAA storage yard. Thank you.