Auto Claim total loss, how do I file an appeal and/or insurance board complaint?


I had a total loss auto claim with USAA. The lien holder was Hughes Federal Credit Union. An investigator was sent out. He said the basis was that I was low income and financial distress may have lead to foul play.
I felt blocked out.
I agreed to accept the payoff in the amount recently invoiced for $10,000. I agreed by email to both USAA and the lien holder. I was told by USAA all agreed. Shortly after receiving my power of attorney I received a communication from USAA that Hughes had sent a "24 hour guarantee" for an approximate $13,000 payoff, a number I had never seen or received notice of. USAA immediately issued a check and I am devastated.
I was considering filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy but was not in arrears at the time of filing. Irregardless, all consumers should be able to see this adjusted amount and have at least a ten-day time frame.


Everyone is saying this is illegal. I know there have been some recent changes to the laws in my state. It should be illegal if it isn't. I am sure there will be more complaints is this is a pattern.


Hello @Les123, thank you for participating in the Member Community, even though I wish it was under happier circumstances. I am sorry to hear of your experience and can understand your frustration.  Your membership is very important and I want to help. I will be escalating this matter for further review. Someone will be reaching out to you directly to address your concerns. ~Nekeysha