Auto Claim: Gets a thump up!

On November 14, 2021, I noticed a dent in the fender of my 2021 CT5 (wife's birthday present). I thought dealing with USAA would be frustrating. For the most part, the experience has been pleasant. I called auto claims department 5 times so far. All times, except for this evening, wait time has been less than 1 minute. Today, no adjuster is in the office. However, I got an e-mail today stating that a payment for the repair would be deposited in my account, within two business days. So, that was good news. The claim was processed in less than a week. Now, I just got to get the vehicle to the dealership. Hopefully, everything else will go smoothly. 


I do appreciate this. The vehicle isn't driven much and only has 5,800 miles on it. We got it during Black Friday weekend, last year. And, my wife seems to enjoy the vehicle. Thus, she is not a happy camper. And, I enjoy driving it as well. It fact, I was driving it, when it was hit. But, the vehicle was parked, and I do not know who hit it. Being the case, the cost of the repairs will be paid by my policy. Not a great thing. Yet, the vehicle may be restored close to its original condition. For the quick turnaround and timely service, USAA’s auto claim gets a thump up! 



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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm sure she was quite pained to see that happen to such a pretty car and no one leave a note. Very happy to know that the claims experience has been going smooth too. Thanks for making my day with your kind review. Please reach out to us if we can ever help you.