I recently put unleaded fuel into my F250 SD truck. Not familiar with BP, on a vacation pulling our 5th wheel, and used a BP for refueling. BP is the ONLY one who puts green handles on an unleaded pump, using black on diesel. Exact opposite for ALL other fueling locations. So it was an “accident”, kinda like you accidentally rear ending a vehicle. I didn’t intentionally mean to cause $12,100 damage to my vehicle.

So, the adjuster did what they needed and I received a message outlying the damages (12,100) deductible (500), and the difference ([removed sensitive data]). It said take your vehicle to a dealer of my choice, which I did by way of towing, for the second time as the initial Ford dealer was 3 weeks to begin labor. Another $300 tow bill and after the dealer began tear down, I get an email the next day saying the claim was denied.

Called USAA, assigned adjuster, not the field adjuster, indicated the email “Should not have been sent.” Meaning a final decision had apparently not been made. But, it was sent, and I took action from what any member would have considered an approval to begin work.

The rude adjuster said I needed to do what I needed to do, but the claim was going to be a denial and this would not change. A local dealer indicated they have had 3 such claims approved, and they were not from a vandalism claim for placing wrong fuel into the vehicle, the claim was like ours, purely accidental.

Wish I could attach the screen shots so you could have seen what I saw!

Anyone else have same issues? This is absolutely BS!


@BradleyD, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It is always our goal to make the claim process smooth and easy. I'm sorry to hear it sounds like you did not have a positive claim experience. I was successful in locating your account information and am escalating your feedback to a senior claims representative for handling.  Please allow 2-3 business days for a follow up call. - Ina