Auto Accident PTSD is real / USAA hasn't offered much help

Two years ago I was driving on a mountain road when a motorcyclist driving in the wrong lane hit me head on. In the months following the accident I started having anxiety attacks while driving. This was a completley new experience for me, as I've always felt completely calm while driving, loving road trips and driving into the mountains to hike. 


I naively thought it was something that would be brief and things would return to normal but that wasn't the case. After speaking to a friend who had a similar experience after an accident I decided to seek the help of a therapist. I was surprised when the therapist diagnosed me with PTSD. Their treatment was basically exposure therapy – put myself in the same situation that brought on the initial anxiety. I tried this but the anxiety has persisted.


When Covid hit I was limited to mostly talk therapy and now that I'm vaccinated I decided to try a highly recommended Cognitive Behavioral Therapy clinic in hopes of finally overcoming the anxiety. I reached out to the adjuster handling my claim ( the other party was also insured by USAA ) but the adjuster told me they weren't likely to cover it because too much time has passed between therapy sessions. I still love USAA and I know the adjuster is just doing their job in trying to pay out the smallest amount possible but I'm bewildered that USAA would deny to cover one of their own insursed in seeking to aid their own mental health, especially when it pertains directly to their ability to drive.  

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@UltWaver- I am sorry to hear a motorcyclist hit you a couple years ago. I am sure that has been hard. I am going to share this post thread for additional review and assistance. ~Shawna

Thank you Shawna, I appreciate it.