Attempted to start a relationship for over a decade (Outragous quotes for over 10 years)


I joined the Navy in 2005, and like most service members I heard the wonderful reviews about the services USAA provided to its members.


Sadly, my experiences have been anything but wonderful.  Every time I speak with a representative they tell me how USAA is a relationship-based community/company.  When I look for reviews from independent agencies I find USAA in the top 5 every time, and number 1 more often than any other insurance/financial company.  My question is why?


USAA has unmatched word of mouth advertising within the community they "serve". However, after 10 years of attempting to start a relationship USAA, I have realized they have nothing more than cult following similar to Apple products. 


Over the years I have approached USAA multiple times, car insurance has been the most often shopped product.  I have also shopped for Credit cards, financial planning, renters insurance, auto loans and banking.


Credit cards are typically 8-10% higher rates with more fees and less incentives to use.


Financial planning portfolios have larger fees associated with the management, the year-over-year compound effect of the fees results in a reduction of the overall value of your retirement savings by up to or even more than 42% over the life of the investment.


Auto loan rates are laughable (ps. my credit score is 800+)


Bundling insurance like renters and auto results in quotes that are sub par.


Car insurance the most likely avenue to starting a "relationship" for a company that prides themselves on being a "relationship-based company" has been an insult to my service to this great country.



I called to get another quote today after leasing a new vehicle, my wife and I are currently Erie Insurance Customers.  Our quote was 1476 for a 6-month policy.  Our current policy through Erie Insurance is 1430 a year and we get a 5% discount for paying for it upfront for the year.  USAA is $1500 more per year, when I was single I bought a new car and found insurance for 800 a year, USAA quoted me close to 3000 for the same coverage options. 2-3 years ago, we shopped for insurance from every major insurance provided and even a few smaller underwriters.  The result was 2800 from USAA and no more than 1800 from all other providers.  Ever since becoming a member I have felt blacklisted from USAA.


We were once told that the rates are based on location, so I mentioned that we have friends.  They have identical coverage options to what we requested, they live 30 minutes away from us and are USAA members through the legacy of his grandfather.  They pay 1/2 of what USAA was quoting my wife and I.  Now let me mention they have multiple accidents and 2 DUI's on their record.  We have a spotless driving history with 0 violations in the past 15 years and 0 accidents.  Today while quoting auto insurance we spoofed our address to match this member address and the price remained the same.  So, it was not based on the other members location.  


I called the number for USAA and ask to "file a complaint".  You eventually get a person after waiting on hold, but that person is only there to listen to your sob story.  These people are not empowered to make a difference or act on your behalf.  They recommended I write to the office of the CEO, but after reading reports from this message board that seems counterproductive.  USAA has not empowered the staff to actually make changes to the policies and sell people on coverage options.  They seem to take a stance on saying it is what it is, so just deal with it.


I challenge USAA to contact me on this thread and explain the discrepancies and why they are unable to provide me and my family with services at a completive rate.  I will not talk to you in private, the community deserves to see the results of this conversation.  I would go as far as to ask the CEO or any other chief executive to step up to the plate and address the real issues facing the community.  You server those who serve. The community is waiting to see this "service".


To give you a little bit of background, I am a former Submariner, Graduate from and accredited university, Supply Chain Manager, Lean Six Sigma certified and ISO 9001:2015 auditor.  I look to create value in all processes and by my assessment, USAA has a process to file complaints, however these faux processes do not create a pathway for USAA to take corrective action.


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@Royal-T, thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns. I located your information and your concerns have been forwarded to the appropriate team for review. Please be assured you will be contacted to review this matter further. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Tricia