Florida member

While driving past a new home construction site a backhoe knocked a power pole down and the power lines fell on our car as we passed underneath.  Minor but expensive damage.  The construction company took full responsibility for the incident and promised to take care of it. While we waited to hear from the construction companies insurance provider we called USAA in case there might be a problem later.  The customer claims representative insisted that the incident was a “collision” and was our fault since it was “an object in the road” and we should have avoided it. Placed on hold for an extended period of time the disconnected.  We got an estimate of damages in a few days and received full payment for the damages from the construction companies insurance provider.   USAA would not cancel the claim but closed in still listing it as a “collision.”  Over 35 years as a loyal USAA member and this is how you treat customers..where’s the common sense?


Very disappointed!