...and it looks like you got a nothing answer just like everyone else before you.  Only 40 years?  And you think you get a voice?  Ha!  You'll take your banal answers and say, "Thank you, sir.  May I have another?"

Saddened I can not re-new the policy.  USAA was the best deal in town for extended warranty.  

@Booyaka, I am sorry your disappointed. I wanted to provide you the official communication. I hope it helps explain the decision. Our goal is to ensure we are consistently delivering the highest quality products and services to our members. After identifying opportunities to improve [Debt Protection, Total Loss Protection, and/or Extended Vehicle Protection], USAA has ceased offering until further notice. I would add that there is no ETA currently on a replacement. Thank you for using the Member Community to keep current on things. ~ Suzy

Thanks Suzy.  I have a year left was looking to re-up.  Coverage and customer service in this reguard was better than my expierence with dealer CPO.


Hopefully it will come back soon! 

@Booyaka, when your ready, please check back. Thanks for the response. ~ Suzy (= 

Totally agree. I am also an old timer with 50+ years of USAA membership and have had successful coverage on 3 of my Mercedes vehicles. I think we, as member/owners of USAA deserve a better answer than "we'll kick it upstairs" to never be hear from again. Come on USAA you can and must do better!!!

@06pfd, Thank you for your loyalty over the past 50+ years. I understand that you would like additional information regarding the suspension of Extended Vehicle Protection. I'm happy to share your post with the appropriate team for review. ~DC 

Please bring it back. Mine is coming to an end. And I love the service. I want to continue to go with the usaa offer with extended warranty. Please please please, being this back.

Jon.L - We appreciate yourinterest. We value memebr feedback to help us create and maintain the best products and services. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason