Does USAA not offer this product any more? I got it with my last vehicle purchase it ended up saving me a ton of money. Now I can't figure out where to see if the vehicles I'm interested in qualify for it?


@learning Investor, Our goal is to ensure we are consistently delivering the highest quality products and services to our members. After identifying opportunities to improve Extended Vehicle Protection, USAA has ceased offering until further notice. I regret any inconvenience this may cause. ~DC

Any update as to when/if USAA will again offer extended warranty policy for autos?  Would be helpful for planning. Thanks. 

@Aaxx, great question.  We do not have a date to begin offering Total Loss Protection, Extended Vehicle Protection, or Debt Protection to members again.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Can I suggest that (We) USAA look into offering Route 66 Extended Protection. I have been using them for over 4 years with my other credit union and they have served me very well with my coverage. The $0 deductible is always a plus with me which is why I use them and I can get my cars repaired anywhere I like with no hassle!

@The One Boston, Thank you for posting your suggestion! I would be glad to forward it to the appropriate area for consideration. Nothing better than a personal referral. We appreciate your suggestion and engagement in the Member Community. (=   ~ Suzy

I am in the midst of a Warranty settlement with Assurant.   It involves a sun roof failure which has a repair cost of over $10,000.    Assurant inspected the situation firsthand after my Ford Dealer sent in the claim.   Assurant approved most of the claim but refused part of it, leaving me holding the bag for $2,800 of the repair.   Reason:  Ford has upgraded their sunroof configurations and the newest buildout requires replacement of parts B & C and not just the main event part.   Ford tells me that without B & C being replaced, I won't have a functional sun shade any more and the whole assembly will be back in the current state it's in after awhile.    Assurant insists that it will not replace parts that aren't broken...screw the customer...if those non-broken parts are highly depenendent on the replacement parts for proper function.     In other words, the spirit of warranty has been broken and it seems (to me) rather obvious why USAA has discontinued a partnership with them.   I'm betting that I'm not alone in my grievance against Assurant.  

They abrubtly and without any notice cancelled it on 9/28/18.  I had two quotes that I was going to purchase on Monday and the link is gone.  In speaking with USAA, they will not honor or allow me to purchase those quotes, so basically my only option is to find another company and pay way more than Assurant was charging.  I passed on the dealer (discounted) offered warranties at time of purchase knowing I was going to buy from Assurant.  I'm very diappointed and frustrated with USAA for doing this.  I doubt they will ever offer it again as it probably didn't make enough money for them, so they claim they are trying to improve or find something better for its members.  By making members go outside their company and have to spend more money is not doing us any good USAA.


Seems like USAA is far from the great company I started with decades ago.

@DMW15 Thank you for the details of what happened. It makes sense that you would be frustrated. What we do in this case is forward your feedback for review. Once review is completed you will be contacted. ~ Suzy


I spoke with Jeffrey yesterday and all he was able to do was tell me again what I already knew that you cancelled the policy and are reviewing, no ETA on when or if they may bring it back.  What would be nice is if you would honor the quotes I placed on line and allow me to still purchase, since you gave us (your members) absolutely no notice whatsoever that you were going to stop the program.   Your decision to not do this will cost me $1000's of dollars if I try to find a comparable warranty, so yes I am frustrated and disappointed with USAA. 

I have always talked highly of USAA to family and friends and recommeded they look into purchasing an EVP.  Now I'm afraid I cannot recommend using USAA.