Asking for roadside Service for a flat tire


Had a flat tire. Wanted roadside assistance to come fix it. Called USAA to ask if roadside assistance was covered and how to get some assistance. Somehow USAA now has a claim filed and it goes against my driving history raising my premium. Not good.  The roadside assistance never arrived and after having the car on the side of the road with a flat tire for 12 hours, I was contacted by the property owner saying they were going to call the police and have the car towed if I did not remove it. I had to change the flat tire at 9:30 at night in single digit temperatures. More not good.  This is the first contact I have had with USAA when I needed help.


When I go to USAA website to file a grievance, I can only go to a page that has no way of sending any type of message.  USAA, you should fix this.  You should listen to your customers.


Here is a link for anyone who has had similar experiences in the state of Colorado:


Most states have a department that oversees insurance companies and you can file a formal complaint with your state.





@FlatTire1, I am grateful for your membership and appreciate the time you’re taking to reach out. I want to ensure your concerns are addressed so I am escalating them to our roadside management team for further consideration.  Please allow 1 business day for a representative from that team to contact you. - Ina



I would highly recommend leaving USAA.  You will save money and definetly receive better customer service.  Don't rely on what USAA used to be.  It is just not the company it once was. Leave, you will do better.