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Hi, I am a retired Disabled Veteran who has become a licensed and bonded car dealer.  I have served the local and international community of San Antonio, TX and have offered absolutely the best possible pricing for a vehicle based upon local franchised dealerships who are known for overpricing vehicles...especially to our military members.  I would like to offer my services through your venue to give military and their entire family an opportunity to save at least $1,000.00 on vehicles normally purchased at larger franchise dealerships.  I can do this because I have little or no overhead.  I also offer a better warranty than most of these dealers.  I am now working on building a website which will allow military members from anywhere in the world on deployments to order a vehicle and even in some cases deliver it to them.  I have worked with USAA in achieving a near perfect virtual experience in buying vehicles and have a 100% approval rate among previous customers.  I would appreciate your support in helping me spread the word about my small business which will result in military members savings of thousands of dollars.  Sincerely,
Ernest x xxxx
Sharp CarZ,
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San Antonio, TX 78227



Sharp CarZ,

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  Thank you for posting in USAA Member Community.  USAA Members are always interested in military veteran entrepreneurial efforts, so we would love to hear more of your story as an entrepreneur.  How did you get this business idea?  When did you start your business?  What are some pieces of advice that you would like others to know or pieces of advice that you wish that you would have known?


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