Anyone else have arbitrary increases to auto policy?

After 23 years with USAA I cancelled my auto policy. I added my teenage driver and had already received a quote so was prepared for the increase. They wrote a policy which matched the verbal 6 month increase of $1079.00. Then I received a changed policy, same date, with a 6 month increase $1685! I called to get an explanation and was transferred 3 different times. One person told me it was because of my speeding violation that was 3 years old, wrong! The last person I spoke with was still baffled and said she would call me the next day after she researched. Never received a call back. I'm not doing business with a company that can't even explain my policy or the premium. I work for one of the largest health plans believe me we can explain a members premium! At it turns out the new carrier is much lower so it benefited me.


Hi Bubliegrl, I understand your concern about the change in premium and I would like to have a specialist take a look into this. Once reviewed, they will reach out to you. Thank you! -Marisa

This would be helpful because I am considering if I should still keep my homeowners with USAA and the situation has left me with a bitter feeling about doing business with the company.

The quote probably didn't include something on a driver or vehicle record that wasn't discovered until underwriting.   This isn't unheard of. 


That said, insurance is a product just like gas or tomatoes.  Sure, you'll get better gas at a name brand station and better tomatoes at the farm stand, but insurance is pretty much the same from every company.   Insurance companies are rated based on financial strength by a few independent rating sources, A.M. Best being the most famous (search for that and you can search on their site for a potential new insurance company for free).   USAA is very highly rated, and you also have to consider the customer service you get which I find pretty good at USAA insurance. 


However, just like gas and tomatoes it pays to shop around.  If you find insurance cheaper from a well rated company you might want to switch.    Often you get a discount if you insure both home and car with one company.  If you're going to shop around you should use an independent agent, one who sells insurance from a number of different companies not just a AllNation or GECKO agent who sells only that particular company.   

In full disclosure I am a licensed insurance agent and adjustor.  I do not sell insurance or adjust claims and I never have as my occupation.  I have been in insurance regulation (similar to the TDI). 


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