Another Disappointed USAA Customer with Damaged Windshield


As a 20+ year policy holder, I am beyond disappointed in the way USAA has handled my windshield replacement claim. As far too many members have already pointed out in these forums, USAA's customer service + glass policies are lacking. I have replaced windshields in the past, with other insurance providers, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass was always approved and installed at the glass installer and/or dealer of my choosing, at little to no cost to me. Why won't USAA offer comparable glass coverage to its members? I will admit that for all these years, I've placed blind faith in USAA. Per the ubiquitous TV spots, having USAA insurance is a "privilege." Now that I have a damaged windshield on a USAA-insured vehicle, I disagree. My experience has consisted of repeated calls & transfers to inept, uninformed Safelite and USAA representatives. Overall, there was a general inability by anyone to answer specific questions re: my glass policy coverage, replacement options, comparable windshield features, cost estimates, reimbursement amounts, replacement procedure, claim filing protocol, etc. Research indicates that OEM glass is the only viable option for our vehicle (due to inherent display features, cameras, rain sensors, structural integrity, proprietary parts, etc.) Per add'l research/discussions with local installers (both third party and dealer), I have serious concerns using Safelite and non-OEM glass citing repeated references to faulty installation procedures, poor workmanship, improper or failed calibration of sensors/cameras, structural integrity compromises with non OEM glass, incompatible adhesives/moldings/seals, excessive wind noise at hwy speeds, leaks, warped glass, etc. (Additionally, some research even stated that OEM glass was the only available option for our particular model vehicle, yet USAA/Safelite never confirmed that...?) Repeated claims center messages were ignored until someone at USAA finally responded, confirming the following: certified OEM installation would not be covered; I had to pay my $500 deductible for the glass; USAA only approved a reimbursement of ~$1300 for Safelite's "equivalent" glass that "worked with" my vehicle's safety features -- note: this was hundreds $ less than my certified-installer/dealer OEM bids of $1700, $1900 and $2300. In response to my concerns using equivalent glass, the USAA rep stated "…it is in fact LESS cost effective to use the aftermarket (glass) but it is not lesser quality." I disagree per what my research states on the matter. And how is it LESS cost effective…? Bottom line, I'm not comfortable using USAA's recommended Safelite equivalent. As it currently stands, I will have to pay the $500 deductible...and then I will pay hundreds of additional dollars $$$ for what I deem to be the right glass, the safest glass, the original glass, the glass that USAA should provide as my trusted insurer, installed per the vehicle's manufacturer's procedures/specifications. After that, like many others, I will have to take the time to re-evaluate if USAA is truly meeting the insurance needs for our family.


Hi @Leatherman, We do truly appreciate your membership and feedback regarding your glass claim. I can tell you that if you move forward with the repair using  like, kind and quality glass (LKQ), should that glass not fit properly, we would move to place OEM glass on the vehicle. If you choose to go with the OEM glass as your initial option, then you would be responsible for the difference in price between the LKQ glass and the OEM glass. The help improve your glass claim experience, I will reach out to our glass partners and have a senior level specialist reach out to you to discuss the claim further. Please allow 1-2 business days before receiving a call. Thank you for the feedback and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 

It has been over a week, and as expected, nobody from USAA has followed up, despite your promise to "...have a senior level specialist reach discuss the claim further. Please allow 1-2 business days before receiving a call." It appears these types of responses are somehow automatically generated in response to legitimate complaints from USAA members; yet nobody at USAA has yet been able to explain the reimbursement process for my glass claim. Also, how is it possible to "...move forward with the repair using like, kind and quality glass (LKQ)" if every dealer/installer + online research indicates that no such equivalent exists nor would work per the manufacturer's specifications for our particular windshield (specifcally due to the he heads up display, cameras, rain sensors, thickness/quality, etc.)? When exactly will a "senior level specialist" contact me, as was  promised, to resolve this ongoing, unresolved claim? 

Hi @Leatherman I see your adjuster reached out to you today and was unable to get ahold of you. I have escalated your concerns further. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for a subject matter expert to reach out to you.

Who is my adjuster? How did they attempt to reach out to me...I do not have any voice messages nor emails? 

Thank you for your response, @Leatherman. I located your profile and will be sending your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. A specialist will follow-up with you. Tricia

Did this get resolved?  Thanks for sharing and making others aware.  I Have to get the windshield repaired on my wifes Jeep and came upon your thread when trying to figure out the process. 

How did yours go, may I ask?
Have you tried filing a complaint to the FTC? Things always seem to get fixed after that.
But first, did you state that you specifically wanted OEM parts installed on your car? Because Insurance companies give you a choice of aftermarket or original parts which does make a difference in your premium.
I've never had a problem replacing a windshield with other Insurance companies.
I'm sorry to hear this, and for you.