It is unfortuanate that USAA has going away from their once stellar in-house customer service and outsourced via 3rd party vendors.  I've had two instances within the last 3 years where I have been automatically directed to a 3rd party vendor, once for claims and once for road side assistance.  Both instances were failures not just in meeting USAA's once fabulous customer service standards but what I would expect from a regular company.  Both times I tried to get brought back into the USAA service family and it has been a struggle.  For my recent Road Side assistance experince it took an hour + to get the righht representative who told me he would have to work through the 3rd party vendor to get my issue resolved.  I asked about bringing a supervisor into help expedite the issue and his response was that it was the holidays and that it would be a while (days possibly) to get a call back from one.  He continued to say that if I wanted it faster I could arrange for a tow and pay for the other fees that were caused by the 3rd party vendor and then submit back to the 3rd party for possible reimbursement.  After saying that he was on it, i have yet to hear back from him.  The last amazing point, was that at that point no one could tell me where my car was.


Hello @hambone1234, I am sorry to hear that you didn't have great service from USAA and not being able to locate your vehicle afterwards.  This is definitely not the service we want our members to have when trusting USAA with their insurance needs.  I have forwarded your experience over to the appropriate area to further review and assist you in locating your vehicle.  ~Marco

USAA did not "go away from their once stellar in-house customer service..."  This was a business decision made by the upper management in order to maximize their income.  The upper management succeeded in maximizing their income (Google USAA CEO compensation) while destroying a great company.  No way I would put up with this situation.  Shop around.  USAA can now easily be beaten on every product it offers.  So you are paying a premium for customer service like this.  What has happened to USAA is an utter disgrace.

From what I've recently experienced, a primary goal of USAA in regards to customer service is to put as many barriers as possible between the member and customer service reps, especially by making it difficult to navigate through their interminable automated menu. Once the rep is reached, they often seem to be impressively ignorant- as if they are following a set script and will not/can not vary from it, though they typically use warm and fuzzy words and phrases such as "reach out" and "we value your membership." Essentially USAA uses their foundational business merely as a means to their ends, which is lefist political activism while, at the same time, keeping their Board and CEO wealthy- very much like global tech companies such as Google and Twitter. The new CEO of USAA, the first to hvae no military service, receives a salary of about $5 million.

Yes yes yes... I agree wholeheartedly. I am glad to hear others commenting on things I have been noticing over the past 5 or 6 years. USAA has become a substandard bank. I have some 20 accounts with USAA, I will be keeping my eyes open to transfer my substantial business elsewhere.

Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns about our banking. We certainly hurts to know you are feeling disappointed with us in the past 5 to 6 years and would like to better understand. Can you share more details regarding the specific banking concerns you've encountered so we can look further into your concerns. I assure you the last thing we would ever want is to have you leave us and would like to do everything we can to turn this concern around. Look forward to hearing back from you and thank you so much!

Smart move to leave USAA.

A little late to the game here but I agree with you completely.  We had the worst experience with the hail damage to my daughter's car a few years back and we moved to GEICO and could not be happier.  

@GoneToGEICO, I'm sorry to hear we no longer hold your insurance due to your claims experience. Can you tell me a little more about what happened? Thank you. -Cynthia