My TrueCar buying service was of little value. Two months after the car I wanted hit the floor they still didn't have enough data to give me a competitive price. I negotiated, easily, thousands less than TrueCar indicated. And the dealer was downright awful. It would be so nice to negotiate a price, walk in, pay for it, and drive away. But the "Certified Dealer" still pulled all the old games of up-selling at the end, levying horrendous "documentation fees", and producing a car that didn't meet with our agreement. If USAA is really screening these dealers they are not doing a very good job. Love USAA - best insurance company ever (and I am a licensed agent with another firm!). I just find TrueCar of little value. Not a new member, by the way, as indicated above. Been with USAA for over 40 years.


I has a local dealership keep calling, texting, emailing me about a new truck that usaa uses. Even after i told the rep it would be this summer, & i'd becin touch, the dealership continued to call. I had to threaten to contact my AL'S Office & BBB if they continued to call. I also found my local Honda Dealership had a better interest rate by a half percent than usaa.

Dear Alfapop,

Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts on TrueCar. We appreciate your long time membership (40 years!) and loyalty (we are so glad you are pleased with our insurance!). I will make sure your comments are shared up the chain.

Thank you

I second this. I searched TrueCar and USAA's Car Buying Service before I went to the dealer. I was able to negotiate a much better deal BY THOUSANDS. So to anyone reading this, do your homework before you go to the dealership and check forums to see what these vehicles are really going for.

Thank you Mike and thomasrd for sharing your feedback.

I had a similar experience. My local Honda Dealership beat usaa both price & interest rate. Car was a lot less, interest rate was a half a percent less.