Sincerely wondering if anyone else has encountered this, because it’s too aggravating for words...
As of October 2018, I was ahead on repaying my auto loan by over $900. As of today, I am STILL ahead on paying off the balance of my loan by nearly $750.
Through last year, I was throwing money at the loan as often as I could in the hopes of paying it off quickly. What I apparently did not realize as I was making these early payments was that this extra money was going toward the balance of the loan but NOT my monthly payments... which meant that while I was still technically ahead, all USAA saw was that I had “missed” a monthly payment which I thought I had already paid beforehand.
Have now spoken with a dozen member services reps, and ALL of them have reassured me that I did everything I was supposed to and that I am still ahead. And yet two days will pass before I get yet another collections call telling me I still owe. We’re at a point where my credit has taken a hit for this and I’m beyond frustrated that there is nothing they can do. Again, I am AHEAD on the loan balance by $750, but according to them I am ALSO $215 behind on payments.
When I spoke to the loan representative to see if there was any option for me to restructure my current payment plan, I was told that I would have to refinance the ENTIRE $5000 amount in order to do that.
Seriously, USAA??? I didn’t think you guys were that kind of bank!! I never had any kind of late payment before December (when I was, once again, AHEAD), and yet now I’m facing my credit score taking another blow? How is it that I could do (according to your own representatives) everything I’m supposed to and still suffer this? Very disappointed. Confused and frustrated and annoyed.


@ErrorMessage, I would be glad to forward your concerns for review with the appropriate team. I regret that your experience has not been a good one. Thank you for using the Member Community to voice your experience. ~ Suzy