In June, my car broke down. The tow truck driver called and said that he was "15 mins away". Almost two hours later, he shows up. My car sits low and has very specialized aerodynamics. So, I asked the driver if he was sure that he could load my car without causing damage to the bottom of the car.


He said "yes" and proceeded to hook it up and began to pull the car onto the bed of his truck. Immediately, it was evident to me that it wasn't going to work without damaging the carbon fiber parts.  I told him to stop. He refused and ended up damaging the car as I expected. I have video of the front lip being bent and damaged by the chains on the tow truck.


I submitted my claim to Agero with pictures and the video. They rejected my claim saying that they couldn't see any damage.  So, I requested that they send an appraiser. The appraiser agreed that there was damaged caused by the tow truck driver and researched the price to replace the part because carbon fiber cannot be repaired. 


Agero rejected it again saying that there was normal wear and tear in addition to the damage that was caused by the tow truck. There is obviously a disconnect or a misunderstanding on their part about the science behind aerodynamic parts.  The previous "damage" on the part is small chips on the top of the spoiler from rocks and debris from the road. Those chips don't have any impact on how the car rides or any noise. The damage from the tow truck is very obvious and is on the bottom of the part where the spoiler is designed to redirect air. Now the car does not handle the same and has additional noise from that scrape under the body of my car. 


Agero is irresponsible. Not only was their tow truck driver unproffesional and dishonest, but their liability specialist is uninformed and unprofessional.  


I'm not sure how the relationship with Agero and USSA is structured. USAA has always been an awesome company, the very best. They have obviously gotten in bed with a subpar corporate partner.


@Agero is weak, I am sorry to hear about your experience with the roadside assistance claim and the damages to your vehicle.  I asked a business specialist to research your matter further along with following up with you.  They will be reaching out to you within 2 to 3 business days.  ~ Robert