My stepson wrecked his car last night, he called road side assistance for a tow and they told him they couldn't send out a tow truck until he filed a claim with USAA, so they transferred his call to USAA and he was on hold for 30 minutes before he got a person.  That person took all his info, and location and set up the tow...the tow never showed.  My husband drove out to wait with his son.  After about 5 phone calls to Agero and many excuses from them they finally had a tow truck show up...2 1/2 hours later.  Today I got a phone call from USAA wanting to know where the car was.  I had no idea, I told them it was towed last night so they looked and found it, but my husband was ready to call the cops and report the car stolen, as I've read this has happened to other people who used Agero.    This is the first time we had to use roadside assist since about 2012.  All the other times I had no problem and never waited more then 15 minutes for a tow truck.  This is horrible customer service and contracting with this Agero company really makes USAA look bad.  I have been with USAA for 30 years and I love them, but I implore you to switch to a different roadside assist company.  I've been reading other people's horror stories online and some people are in situations that could be life threatening without help showing up.  Agero is unreliable when reliability is needed most.  I looked on Yelp and Better Business Bureau and not one positive comment about Agero that I saw.  Please, Please Please USAA...listen to your members and contract with a different roadside assist company.  Thank you. 


@CGBrat67, I am terribly sorry to hear your stepson's accident and his ordeal with having a tow company come and pick up his vehicle last night. I have located your information and I am escalating this situation to the claims service manager to review and reach out to you. Thank you.