So, yes I live in the polar vortex zone and roadside assistance needs to prioritize emergencies, but I have been waiting for over 48 hours to get one tire changed or inflated. They say that there are no service providers to be had. They want to schedule for tomorrow, ha! If USAA is contracting with Agero for this, they should change because this system is broken. My experience over the last two days has been literally the worst in the almost 40 years I have been with USAA. It's broke. I have just to pay for it out of pocket, for a service I pay USAA for. That's not what I expect from USAA.


@Maje Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns. I have escalated this issue to a subject matter expert to review. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days.



I am USAA member here in Hawaii and use Agero. Thus far, I am happy with there services as they always seem to get service providers to me on time. Do you think it might be a local problem with the towing companies? Or just your location being out of range?


Another member out at Sea.