Just switched my auto insurance to a competitor and saved almost $2000 per year with the exact same coverage.  There was a time when no other company could touch USAA for insurance, but those times are long gone.  I think the straw that broke me was moving from a high insurance state (Georgia), to a lower (Ohio), and premiums almost doubled.  I’m a retired CMSgt, currently working in an active duty unit, and I educate my active duty troops to save money too.  Same went with my home insurance, saved almost $1000 per year by switching, and I now have more coverage.  It’s a shame what’s happened with them, maybe we were paying for all those natural disasters on and around military bases, not sure.


We certainly appreciate your loyal membership of twenty-one years, @hoosier68. We certainly understand and empathize with our members who have these kinds of experiences with premium increases and so forth. As a consumer, we are all in that boat together. Furthermore, it's excellent to read that you were able to find yourself a solution which works best for your financial security at this time. Bear in mind that homeowners policies, unlike auto policies, differ in terms of their specific type of contract. USAA offers an all-perils homeowners contract which protects our members to the fullest extent possible and many competitors will offer a cheaper solution only because they name specific perils which are covered and exclude any others, unlike ours. Additionally, some introductory discounts are introduced by a lot of competitors which drop off after the first six months/one year policy period, depending on the company. Auto insurance is a little different and pretty straight-forward, in that it comes down to risk rating of a particular location, personal driving/claims history, and coverages chose, etc. We are always happy to review this info and all possible options with you again in the future to see what savings opportunities will be available. Thank you for sharing this with us and please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. :) ~ Steven

Home owners I currently have is exactly the same, I know of no one who’s premium has ever decreased with a USAA, but havewith others.  As far as my premium going up after6 months, maybe but isn’t that a hypocritical statement?

I am not too far behind you hoosier68. Never a ticket or accident my rates increase annually. Their credit card fraud protection is horrendous as I get notified days after a charge, when Citi notifies you by text the moment the charge is placed. Lastly, a claim for hail damage I had to file for a home buyer inspection on our house. I knew it wasn’t damaged but needed the adjusters report to show other potential home buyer inspectors there is no damage and USAA wouldn’t provide it to me. It’s a shame.

This is very concerning to read, @AccntHolder. We would never want a member to feel this way or have this kind of experience. I am directing this to the appropriate area so we may further review and support you. Thanks for hanging in there. ~ Steven

Totally understand.  But, it is not limited to any one insurance carrier.  Several years ago l started shopping all of our insurance every year to include coverage and premium.  I always include USAA for a quote.  There is no advantage to loyalty!  Those days are gone...it takes time and is frustrating but, well worth the effort.