Advice Needed dealing with car dealer & deposit

I found a car on USAA's website from a USAA certified dealer that I was interested in buying. I called the dealer and we agreeded upon a purchase price provided the car had no problems or issues once I got down to the dealer to check it out myself. The dealer was a 4 hour drive from me & I couldnt get down there till two days later so I put a $500 deposit for them to hold it till I could arrive two days later. I put the deposit on my USAA credi card over the phone. Two days later, when I get down there, I discover the navigation system doesnt work. They were trying to tell me it was just a bad navigation disc but I countered that it could be or it could be the unit itself-there was no way for me to be sure. Thus, to me,  everything on the car didnt work as was promised so I delined to purchase the car. I was told the $500 would be refunded to my card. There was a huge snowstorm coming & wanting to beat it before it arrived I left without some sort of refund receipt. Three weeks later I still have no refund. I have contacted the person I was dealing with both via email and phone several times & was assured that the refund will be processed but still no luck. Any advice? Am I screwed? 


GetTheBBB Involved. TheyShouldBeAbleToHelpYouOut
This is simple, dispute the charge to your usaa cc and they will handle it for you. Provide all the details you can to the usaa dispute resolution dept when they contact you.