Active Duty & Veterans Avoid Tom Wood Ford Car Dealership in Indiana

Please beware of doing business with this dealership...They are not military friendly.

I purchased my new vehicle on 5 April 2016 and I was financed through USAA the dealership allowed me to drive off the lot without making sure financing was guaranteed. It wasn't until I had left Indiana and drove my vehicle all the way back to my duty station that I found out from USAA that the loan had not been completed...they needed my signature on the loan. Needless to say the dealership advised me before leaving they always do business with USAA and they were aware of their procedures. This was the first lie they told me ontop of others. So after going back and forth with them (Tom Wood Ford) I finally have my vehicle registration and plates only after them holding them hostage. And they threatened to go to my commander regarding my situation (I guess in hopes of getting me in trouble and jeopardizing my military career) Think twice before doing business with this dealership 


longbow2231, Thanks for posting in Community. This is definitely not the service we want our members to go through when using the car buying service.  We will be investigating the matter further and then following up with you on the outcome.

Thank you for your patience.