Accident..fender bender...

Was in accident on way to work, was given warning ticket for improper passing. Damage was minor to other party, damage to wheel and fender. My vheicle was damaged on corner of door and front fender also. Should i pay for damages to my vehicle or does it not make difference and just do a claim??
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How much is your damage?  Have you have it looked at and estimated?  What is your deductible?


If the damage exceeds the deductibkle, can you afford to pay for it to be repaired?


How is your driving record otherwise?


Claims can be complicated and time consuming.  Coupled with the moving violation, a collision claim could possibly increase your future premiums.  Even with the citation, paying for the repairs might help keep that increase lower.



I'm sorry to hear about the accident on the way to work. I hope you and everyone involved are doing okay. You can submit this new info by clicking on the Claims Center while logged into your account. Select Report a Claim and you'll be able to enter the details. Our team will reach out as quickly as possible to answer your questions and discuss the best plan of action for you. If you prefer, you can also reach us at 800-531-8722 and we'll get you connected with our claims team who'd be happy to assist further via phone. -Lori