Absolutely worthless just like my insurance payment

Having an insurance claim raise your premium twice as much as a part costs plus needing to put 1 grand down. Thanks USAA for helping me in my time of need while I live out of my vehicle because you (removed) me over on payments and now insurance.


Absolutely deserved it for parking my vehicle in a parking garage and you saying this was "vandalism" when my vehicle will not even run anymore to get a (removed) quote for you. I would be better off (removed) then ever paying another cent to this (removed) business.



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To better assist you review your claim and profile @Placeholder, please send us a Private Message along with ph#/email address that is associated to your profile to help locate and further review on your behalf.  ~Marco

The depth of your negative feelings regarding USAA is impressive. If I didn't know better I would say you are way over the top, but having witnessed the deterioration of USAA from the premier financial services and insurance company to what can barely qualify as a scam website- an incompetent one at that- I can understand your sentiment. You didn't mention how long you've been a USAA member, but my husband goes back 38 years; he used to actually brag about his membership, but except for a few necessary accounts, we had the good sense to leave USAA banking and insurance, with no regrets whatsoever. Good luck!

I used to brag AND tell everone connected with military to join USAA.  I haven't done that in at least the past few years.  Now I am shopping for better services and better treatment.

This is concerning to read @John P and know we truly appreciate your USAA membership.  This is not the experience we want our members to have when trusting us with your insurance needs and more, will you share with us what is happening? ~Marco

This is very troubling to read. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further review and support on this. ~ Steven

The contributor name above is not appropriate for this site. I understand his sentiments exactly, but still...

Thank you for reporting @Deriter . The user name has been changed. I appreciate your help in keeping the community a safe place to share and comment.