I bought a new Challenger from a dealer in Puyallup WA today and I had my young son with me. I think they saw me as an easy mark since I would be distracted by my son, which I was. They honored the USAA pricing but they were having a hard time "finding the $1000" Dodge rebate in their system using my email addres and offer code from USAA. They had me sign all of the paperwork with the proper amounts so it all looks correct but they are keeing the paperwork overnight until their system is "updated" with the info.


I just KNOW I'll get a call from them in the morning they will pretend they don't know anything about the USAA rebate and will try to get me to sign a new contract for $1000.00 more than our original deal. Of course they will probably say my trade-in is probably gone and I won't be able to get it back.




Thank you for you post. Since you are still waiting for an outcome from the dealer, please let us know if there is anything we can assist with once you hear from the dealer. ~Michelle