About getting a Quate for car insurance just now

I just spend about one houre...and answered all the personal question aboutmy life and my car...and finally they gave me a RATE which is not good all all for me...i pay much more with my present company for 20 years, Mercury Insurance.

Why, they say the cheapest rate which is not...is that a fake advertising and waisting time of people!!??



@nassah, thank you for considering USAA insurance, I'm sorry to hear our rate wasn't what you were shooting for. Everyone is unique, our advertising shares the average savings members see, some members save more, some save less, and for some we are not cheaper than their current carrier. But, overall nassah, we are still constantly rated #1 among insurers from the top consumer review organizations for excellent service and we maintain incredibly strong financial ratings. Above all, the members always come first in our eyes. Were we able to compare the contract, coverages and endorsements to make sure you had an accurate comparison quote?