I have never had an issue with USAA, they got my my auto loan, insurance, and renters insure. However when I refinanced my car and sent my check from the other bank by certified mail I noticed it had been delivered to them over a week ago, with no processing on my account. There was one man (the most hepful) Michael, who was able to locate my check and told me it would be cashed in 48 hours. Well over 48 hours from them I have talked to 4 different people that i have to explain my situation to each and every time. They all do the exact same thing and give me the exact same answer, they received my check but cannot locate it. They have had my check (as per certified mail) for almost an entire MONTH and no one can give me answers. How does a BANK lose a CHECK???? Is that not their job? Half of the people i have spoken with have been so unprofessional I have requested to be transferred elsewhere or just hung up. I am at a loss, if anyone can guide me please help!! #car #loan #nightmare #lost #unprofessional #lies


@mkcharpy, I'm sorry to hear of the situation with your check. I have shared what's going on with a colleague who will review. Once reviewed they will reach out to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience. - Janay