I am a former spouse.  I have a valid ID Card, eligible for Medical, commissary, PX, etc., member of USAAA since 2009.  I feel discriminated against because I am a "former" spouse, even though my ID card is equally valid.  I requested an auto insurance quote from USAA and was told I am not eligible.  I am now in the "other" category.  Why are the rules so different for former spouses who should be equally eligible?


Good afternoon @GOLDIE5223 and thank you for reaching out to us via USAA Community.  I certainly get your concerns about eligibility and know that I have forwarded it to the appropriate team to further review your experience.  Thank you for your membership and we appreciate your patience as it is received and reviewed.  ~ Marco

My mom recently went through a divorce after 43 years of marriage. My father was the one who served, but she held down the fort. She is now being "discriminated against", snubbed, not treated like she was when they were married and devoted USAA customers for at least 20 years. Not fair and definitely leaves a nasty taste in my mouth!

This is very concerning to hear @Potts2811. We would like to help and review your mother's account. If you can kindly ask her to connect with us via chat or call, we would be happy to see what options we have to help. Thank you for reaching out to us.