I recently went to Ancira GMC Buick to look at a car that was traded in.  Made plans to purchase this car and scheduled a pick up date and time.  When I arrived the car was not washed or ready to go.  I was only planning on being there for about 20 minutes to do paperwork as I was bringing a check for car.  They stated that they would wash the car as I was doing paperwork.  I asked why it was not ready and the manager's reply was they wanted to make sure I arrived and bought the car.  I told him I have been texting with him for the last 3 hours and have already visited twice before.  He also stated that he did not want to pay the auto detailer to clean car in case I did not show up.  So for $20, he would rather lose a sale.  The manager then lost his temper and yelled the word "RIDICULIOUS".


I called the Operations manager for all ANCIRA dealerships and he felt the only thing the manager did wrong was to yell out.  Not the fact that I was purchasing the car and picking it up as a specified time and the car was not clean and ready.  Not to mention they do not put GAS in used cars if you purchase it.  I told him that we obviously have a total different idea of CUSTOMER SERVICE.  It does not cost you a dollar for good customer service, but it does cost you more than a dollar for poor customer service.