Anyone else being discriminated against because they are hearing impaired?  1 hour Relay call to get help - and they try and tell me to do what I already did on my own?  10 different security questions with an interpreter and then they say "we have to go over all the disclosures to protect your privacy"  Really?  Interpreter just got told everything they need to breach my accounts & now you want that person to type out the disclosures?  And you will not email communicate with me - on USAA email system???


And email the accessibility "contact" - Like I want to lose another hour of my life trying to call - no response.  No email either.


@Deaf not dumb, your concerns are important to us. I will ensure your concerns are sent for further review by our team. A follow up will be made with you regarding this matter. Thank you. - Rhonda

I emailed accessibility - no response.  I had requested contact from an accessibility manager - no response.


Today, I will be a deaf person with a bike.  My life insurance is paid up.  Its with another company, so no worries for USAA incurring any liability.  I will get a refund on my car insurance.  Paid through Oct, knowing the lease terminated Aug 1 - still paid in full.  Lease payments all made. 


Car loan - denied.   Helpful hint, get a credit card - denied.  When your former spouse is determined, they can do great harm.  I choose the high road (still dragging me to court - year 11).  I will defend myself.  My father was an Vietnam Vet, Airforce.  We never give up.  But, it there's a high price to pay. 


Hearing impaired person using a bike as transportation, no public transportation where I live.  Can't move, due to Court hearings. 


Good news, he is not the beneficiary on my policy - Hint for everyone when divorcing - change all your beneficiaries that minute.  Insurance, 401k, bank accounts, passwords, change banks.  Cancel all credit cards.  Its all about limiting loses, strategic victory - first one out of the gutter wins.