USAA has no record of this incentive but it's listed on Ford dealer sites.  Buying a * F-150 (new) which lists this incentive but the dealer says I have to get it through USAA but thta's a dead end. Anyone know about the offer and how to take advantage of it? Much obliged for the help.

 Screenshot-2017-11-25 New Ford.png


I'd like to know the answer to this as well!!  

RustedRoot and Chuquah, you can find information on the offer by visiting . You will need to fill out the form and follow the prompts. I appreciate your patience as I researched further. - Janay

It is allocated for those members who lost vehicles during hurricanes this year.

RustedRoot, I would like to do some additional research on this offer. I have sent you a message via your secure messaging center on Please refer there for additional information. Thank you.  - Janay