I just bought my first car and used USAA car buying service. Got pre-approved and found a car through the USAA car buying website. Test drove and loved it. Ended up buying it and up to that point the USAA service was great. However I have logged into my account to find that I did not get the .50% APR discount. Even though I used the car buying site and everything.


I spoke to an online agent when getting the forms I needed to have and printed out. I was told that I didn't have the dealer on the USAA Car Buying Service Savings Certificate. This was my first time and I worked with a USAA agent on this. How is it my fault that I used your car buying service, told the agent what car I was looking at, where the car was and the dealership, and the agent prepared my paperwork. I did not know what needed to be there. I was told take the form they emailed me and have them fill it out. 


I'm pretty disappointed in this service when I did all the work through USAA and something got missed on your end. Yet i'm the one getting the shaft. While this may be small issue for some it was big to me. 




Hey there! We can certainly see the frustration and we want to help! Can you provide the name of the dealer you purchasd the car from? ~Jen

It was Lux Cars Chicago in Buffalo Grove IL. 

Thanks for your response. I've located your information and will forward it to a loan specialist for further review. They will follow up with you by tomorrow. - Ben

Thanks for taking the time to post about your experience, Lethal Wookie. I've sent a secured email to your online message center in reply. To access it, simply click your name, select Alerts & Actions and scroll down to Notifications. - Cathleen


We really like USAA for some things, like re-paying back ATM fees, but most other, Pen Fed blows them out of the water. I don't think their interest rates on any loans can be beat.