3rd Generation, 20+ year Member w/Horrific Auto Ins. Claim


Fellow Members! Some support for a brethern, please!

I am a 3rd Generation, 20+ year member, with an entire portfolio of accounts, and am getting screwed by USAA's Auto Insurance Claim Department based in San Antontio. 


My beloved 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel 4x4 was basically cut in half by another driver three (3!) months ago and the Claim with USAA is still Open. They refuse to write it off and issue a Salvage Title even though it has over $20,000 USD in mechanical damage. Damage that includes: Sub-frame/cradle replacement, Front Drive and Passenger-side control arm assembly replacement, suspension replacement, Axle replacement, Transfer case replacement, Engine mount re-threading and replacement, plus all the gaskets, hoses, seals, bolts, etc and substantial body work. 

I've repeatedly informed Mr. Eric L-a-s-t-o-n (Adjuster, #5-1-0-7-6), Susan S-h-o-e-m-a-k-e-r (Manager, #6-1-1-1-9), Cris R-o-d-r-i-g-u-e-z (Director) and Jerry W-o-o-d-s (Regional PDS, of Castle Rock, CO) that I do not feel safe having that vehicle returned to me after such extensive repair work; not for myself, my family, nor other motorists on the road.
And when I asked them about the liability and risk they're willing to accept, this was their response (paraphrasing Jerry Woods): "We have many layers of insurance to cover us. What you do with it after you get it back is up to you."

Is this what we accept from one of our most coveted institutions? This is completely unacceptable behavior and presedence to set -  not only to us Members, but to other Insurance companies that are part of NAIC's Commission. 


I have filed a formal Compliant with California's Dept. of Insurance, Tweeted many times, and retained counsel to help resolve this matter but know that our combined voices go much further, much faster


Please Share and Tweet and Reply and get their attention! 


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I hear ya.  Im looking into going back to another insurance company.  I will even pay more just for the service.

USAA is not what you think.  

USAA is just not the company they once were.  Settle your claim and move on to another company.  How I long for the old USAA.