For the last 3 years my auto insurance has gone up. Every 6 months I call about the increase and the story always changed. This time around, it’s due to USAA underestimating the amount of claims from Texas storms. They say that when the claims go down, so will the premium; however, there has only ever been increases and I’ll be hit with another one in December. USAA use to be the best but it looks like I’m going to have to take my auto insurance elsewhere.


@DisappointedCusto Thank you for bringing our feedback to the USAA Community. I will be glad to share that feedback with the appropriate area, internally. As far as the premium changes go, I can certainly understand where you are coming from. However, as you mentioned, there are many factors that go into making these decisions, such as the risk of a particular location and frequency of claims, among many others. I would be happy to review your policy with you and search out any available opportunities for savings. Please, send us a PM and we can get started!


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