In 2012 I bought a 2012 Chevy Silverado Jr duramax the strongest part of my decision was the discount they gave me for being a usaa member. This truck has been a headache started leaking oil at 10,000 miles now has no less than 5 extended warranty issues due to poor workmanship. One being the air emission system. They charge u 105 dollars upfront to tell you if your check engine light issue is due to an issue under extended warranty. Fortunately my husband is a mechanic and has his own computer and already knew it was. They were angry because he already did his due dilgance. To me if they are having to extend factory warranties they have lost the privilege to charge 104 bucks just to do diagnostic. We could have the same problem at 120,001 miles and it would be uncovered. They also have issues with airbags failing on frontal impact but won’t fix proactively. I guess u will know when you hit a tree. I think in my humble opinion and for liability issues USAA should disassociate from General Motors until they can behave with some degree of integrity