Unfortunately the time has come to move on to something else. I'm selling my 2008 e92 335i 6 speed. It has around 96k miles on it. Runs great and pulls hard. Its a very fun car. The car has never been raced or tracked. It is almost FBO, all that is missing is the Inter-Cooler Installed (I have the core and piping, just haven't installed it). And the upgraded charge-pipe. The car has 2 previous owners, the first owner was government affiliated(whatever that means) and the second owner had it less than a year. I have maintained it very well since I bought it two years ago. Oil changes with Mobile1 0w-40 every 3k miles. I have all the maintenance records since I have owned it.


  • Custom dual cone intake
  • RPI Intake scoops


  • Cobb stg.2


  • VRSF catless downpipes (second edition-perfect fitment)
  • Custom axle-back magna-flow exhaust


  • Mirrors/Windows coded to fold in/close/open with key fob
  • Fog lights coded to be on with high-beams
  • I-Drive disclaimer screen disabled(can be annoying)


  • BBS LM replicas w/10mm spacers on front
  • All tires are less than 6 months old, fronts are Faalken's (245/35/18)
  • Rears are Bridgestones (275/35/18) Fenders have been rolled


  • Gloss black Grilles
  • Carbon Fiber OE trunk spoiler
  • 3m 1080 Vinyl wrapped roof
  • M3 replica front bumper w/fogs


  • JOM coilovers (installed in june)

Since I have owned the car, I have had the following maintenance done to it:

  • VANOS cleaned at 65k
  • injectors (all 6)/carbon-cleaning(replaced at 75k)
  • water-pump(replaced around 80k)
  • spark-plugs(replaced every 20k)
  • coil-packs(replaced at 95k)
  • Valve-cover-gasket (replaced at 96k)
  • Oil-filter-housing gasket(replaced at 96k)
  • Engine starter(replaced at 96k)

The car does idle rough, due to the VANOS solenoids need to be cleaned again, also, because the carbon cleaning(walnut blasting) needs to be done again.

There is some waistegate rattle (which is a common problem that can be fixed)

The driver's side halo is out, it will most-likely need to be replaced

The car was bumped into by a parking car (in my apartment parking lot) on the driver's-side rear bumper. It left a few nic's/rub marks that I have not fixed yet.

I lost traction last year while driving in the rain, and hit a guard-rail. There was no structural damage, the hood, fenders, bumper, and headlights were all replaced. You can't tell it was touched.

I still have all the original parts to the car (intake, suspension, mufflers etc) that I can include with the sale.

Thanks for looking!

(there was some condensation on the car when I took these pictures)





Very impressive pictures. How much are you asking for it?