Cherokee Trailer is  20 ft. long and sleeps 6. It is in excellent new condition. From 2007 to April 2016 it has been stored in covered storage. Recently we purchased a 2016 and and moved the 2007 trailer to an uncovered parking slot but in the same Trailer storage facilty. There are no covered parking slots available at this time.


Asking price is $8,000. If you would like to make an appointment to physically see the trailer please call 210-885-5584. Location of the trailer storage is in the 1604 and Potranco area.


04-07-16, pic1.JPG04-07-16, pic2.JPG04-07-16, pic3.JPG


What is the spec's on it?

I have attached a copy of the specifications. Also, as of this afternoon the trailer is parked in covered storage and I attached additional photos.


trailer Specs.jpg









trailer 4-25-16 099.JPGtrailer 4-25-16 100.JPGtrailer 4-25-16 102.JPGtrailer4-25-16 105.JPGtrailer 4-25-16 106.JPGtrailer 4-25-16 107.JPGtrailer4-25-16 108.JPGtrailer 4-25-16 112.JPGtrailer4-25-16 113.JPGtrailer 4-25-16 114.JPG



Hi certs,


What a nice looking trailer! My husband and I are actually thinking about purchasing one and boy do we wish we were in the area. Best of luck with the sale!